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Plain film

    The series of water-soluble PVA films are a new concept of environmental protection packing material, critical equipments, technology and material from foreign countries had been introduced and exploited by Fujian Yongan Sanyuanfeng Water Soluble Films Co., Ltd and some domestic researching institute. PVA film is verified by microorganism tests that PVA is non-txious and doesn't restrain from the growth of microorganism and can be degraded totally by water,It has no any bad effect on environment but improve the land,Once PVA is dissolved in water, specific microorganism will cause it activated sludge, solutions of PVA will be

decomposed into water and carbon dioxide,so the water-soluble PVA films is green environmental Product.
     As water-soluble PVA films have the advantages of solubility and retard property and are friendly to the environment, they have become one of the most successful environmental protection products through-out the world in recent years. They have been popularly accepted by the environmental protection organizations and consumers. More and more water-soluble PVA films are applied for the fields of packaging, textile, embroidery,and

Embossed film
Embossed film
water-transferred printing etc. for example, packaging for agrochemicals, chemical fertilizers, dyestuffs, detergents, water-sewer additives, mineral additives, concrete additives, chemicals for photography and gardening etc, but also for the packing of vegetable seeds, plant seeds, clothing, food and laundry bags in hospitals. In addition, it can be used for textile or embroidery underlay and water-transferred printing and mold release process.
    This kind of film is favored by environment department of Europe, USA and Japan government. Foreign pesticide and chemical company use the film to pack its products.It has been produced and sold in batch in Japan, America and France etc. water-soluble packaging is mainly used by some notable corporations, for example, Bayet, Heakel, Shell and Ag.Eva etc. The environment protection is more and more important to humankind. As the standard of environment protection is upgrading, It will get popular acceptability in developed countries because of its unique characteristic and environment protection property.

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