Sanyuanfeng water soluble film


Water soluble film main properties

Water-soluble film is a kind of anti-static film, different from other plastic film, has good anti-static property. In the process of using water-soluble film packaging products, it will not cause the reduction of plasticity and electrostatic dust performance.


Water-soluble film characteristics

Water-soluble film is made of water-soluble polymer material which can be dissolved quickly in water through a specific film forming process. It is a water-soluble degradable novel green packaging material.


What are the advantages of water-soluble packaging bags?

Water-soluble packaging bags, water-soluble are pesticides, and contain a variety of chemical properties: acid, alkali, corrosion, etc., so packaging water-soluble packaging bags cannot be packaged with single-layer plastic film industry, but multi-layer plastic films with different properties should be used. into high-performance packaging bags. In this way, there are more advantages, such as space saving, low transportation cost, not easy to break, the label is not easy to fall off, anti-corrosion, strong barrier. High and low temperature resistance, etc., the water-soluble protection performance is enhanced, so the water-soluble packaging is in line with the development situation of the pesticide packaging industry.


What is the membrane on the outside of the laundry beads?

The film on the outside of the laundry beads does not need to be cut or torn. It is a water-soluble film. Generally, the laundry beads of good quality brands can already do it. After washing clothes, there is no residue at all. Laundry beads themselves are for quantitative use, throw one into the washing machine, put it in the clothes, and start the washing machine. The advantage of quantification is that there will be no residue after pouring too much.


What are the conveniences of water-soluble medical disposal bags

1. The use of anti-infection water-soluble medical disposal bags (water-soluble laundry bags) greatly avoids the contact between medical staff and infected objects, and reduces the probability of cross-infection and infection from the steps of collection to cleaning and disinfection. the possibility of proliferation. How to use the double-layer water-soluble anti-infection medical fabric bag 2. The anti-infection water-soluble medical disposal bag (water-soluble laundry bag) has the characteristics of being soluble in water, non-toxic and harmless, and fully degradable. 3. The working environment of the staff is guaranteed, and at the same time, the work intensity of the staff is reduced, and the staff is guaranteed at work.


Why Use Water Soluble Anti-Infection Medical Fabric Disposal Bags

What is the difference between a water-soluble anti-infection medical fabric disposal bag and a regular laundry bag? Why Use Water Soluble Anti-Infection Medical Fabric Disposal Bags? What are the benefits of using a water-soluble, infection-resistant medical fabric disposal bag? The biggest advantage of using the water-soluble anti-infection medical fabric disposal bag is that it is not necessary to take out the various fabrics to be cleaned, such as clothes, bed sheets, etc., from the bag during collection, handling and until the cleaning is completed, which can greatly reduce the amount of fabrics to be cleaned. Relevant personnel contact, in order to achieve the purpose of reducing infection through the fabric.

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